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Rod & Slab

Rod & Slab
Arvorin is RESIN BASED, super good ivory immitation substitute material from what I saw now. Good performance under cutting, drilling, tapping, grinding, carving & good performance on epoxy to wood. Arvorin has beautiful grain within - the grain is not symmetric and not consistent, one side..
Black Cotton Phenolic Rod Black Cotton Phenolic Rod
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Black Phenolic Rod, specific developed for billiard pool cue building supply.fine cotton cloth, high density.3 sizes available below, select the size in variation options.OD15mm x 300mm (OD0.590” x 12")OD25mm x 300mm (OD1.000" x 12")OD35mm x 300mm (OD1.375" x 12")..
2pcs X Arvorin - 120x45x6mm Ivory Substitute Material (4.72"x1.77"x0.236") per piece..
2pcs X Arvorin - 100x35x5mm Ivory Substitute Material (3.93"x1.38"x0.196") per piece..
ARVORIN - 153 x 21.85 x 21.85mm Ivory Substitute Material (6" x 0.86" x 0.86")...
2pcs X Arvorin - 153 x 25.4 x 2mm Ivory Substitute Material, (6.00" x 1.00" x 0.078") per piece..
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