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Brass Male Lock Joint Pin Set

Brass Male Lock Joint Pin Set
Brass Male Lock Joint Pin Set
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  • Model: BJ03
the listing includes 1 Set (1pc male brass pin + 1pc female brass insert)  MALE-LOCK Vacuum Quick Release Brass Joint Pin Connector Coupler Set for Snooker Cue. Very Good Sell on AZ.

*** Vacuum Fit - when pull in or pull out the brass insert, the two brass components feel suction/attraction to each other, strict tolerance control.
*** Quick Release - Just 2.5 thread turn to assemble or disassemble the male & female sets
*** Smooth Surface, after you assemble the joint & insert, the flange face looks like seamless between the two.

1. OD flange diameter: 26.3mm
2. Outer Thread: M14 x 2.0 & M10 x 2.0, you can get the 2 taps in my store.

the joint you will receive is assembled. Twist / take apart, you will find both of the male and female components

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