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Weight Bolt

Aluminum Weight Bolt, select the variation in 'dimension'Specification & WeightMaterial: Aluminum3/8-16x2"   0.25oz3/8-16x3"   0.38oz3/8-16x4"   0.50oz3/8-16x5" ..
3/8-16 socket head weight bolt, use 3/16 hex wrench to tight11 weight in option- 0.10oz- 0.13oz- 0.17oz- 0.22oz- 0.33oz- 0.52oz- 0.72oz- 1.06oz- 1.45oz- 1.83oz- 2.24oz..
1/2-13 socket head weight bolt, use 1/4 hex wrench to tight6 weight in option- 0.16oz- 0.24oz- 0.39oz- 0.57oz- 0.77oz- 0.93oz- 1.24oz- 1.95oz- 2.65oz..
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